Aug 15th-21st

Appdev - 8/18/2022


Lots going on this month.

Tuesday Market

Monthly Joint Opening with Auxiliary

Halibut Dinner brought to you by The Peppers and Ms. Breezie - 20 Aug 22

Hail and Farewell

Birthday Parties

Food Trucks

We will be having a Halibut Feed on 20 Aug 22 starting at 1800. If you want to pre-pay please get with the bartender and they give you a receipt to bring on Saturday to get your Halibut Dinner. Should be a great night.

The VFW works hand in hand with Sports Clips for HERO scholarships (E5s and Below)  SPORTS CLIPS is located in Wasilla and on Diamond Blvd.

Action Corps sends out weekly emails of what they are working on at National. Sign up to be an Action Corps Member and be in the know.

Voice of Democracy (VOD) and Patriots Pen (PP) Scholarship Programs Themes for 2022

Teacher of the year - Anyone can put in a teacher.

Middle School Participants for PP- Theme (How can I be a good American) - Essay - Chance to win a $30K scholarship from National.

High School Participants for VOD- Theme (America, Where do we go from here) essay and voice speech of essay. Chance to win a $30K scholarship from National.

CHAIRMAN for 2022/23 season

Maintenance Chairman - Kenny Ray is the Maintenance Chairman for the next year. If you see something or something needs repaired please contact Kenny Ray.

Kitchen Chairman - Bob Mardis our Facility Sanitation Manager and Kitchen Chairman. If you want to use the kitchen, or see something in the Kitchen needs looked after please get with Bob. He is at the V on Mon, Wed, Friday Night and Sunday Afternoon.


Daily Draw - $127

Gun Raffle - Savage AXIS II 30-06 -

Monday -  Stop by and say hello to your favorite Bartender. Texas Holdem tonight. Texas Holdem downstairs

Tuesday - Tuesday Market going on from 1500 - 1900 hours. Stop by for a cold Brew.

Wednesday - Whiskey Wednesday - Stop by and say hello to your favorite bartender. EL SENOR MOOSE FOOD TRUCK will be at the VFW from 3pm - 7pm.

Thursday -  Thirsty Thursday - Stop by and have an ODD MAN RUSH Blonde, Enforcer, Sam Adams Summer Ale or Coors light. Alaska 

Friday -  Stop by if you are in town and say hello to your favorite bartenders.

Saturday - Bloody Mary Bar w/ Breezie making up delicious Bloody Mary's. Halibut Dinner being served 1800-2000. 

Sunday - Finals of the BMW Championship, Baseball, NASCAR, NFL. 

 Remember to always be nice to your bartenders. 


Looking forward to seeing you all at the Post. Have a great week.