Last Week of Sept

- 9/26/2022


Daily Draw - $1250

Gun Raffle - 10MM pistol

Monday -  Stop by and say hello to your favorite Bartender.  Texas Holdem in the basement. Monday Night Football Dallas at NY Giants. - Food provided by the Auxiliary. (Chicken Alfredo, caesar salad and garlic bread.)

Tuesday -  Tuesday Market going on from 1500 - 1900 hours. Stop by for a cold Brew.  

Wednesday - Whiskey Wednesday - Stop by and say hello to your favorite bartender. 

Thursday -  Thirsty Thursday - Stop by and have an ODD MAN RUSH Blonde, Enforcer, Oktoberfest or Coors light. Alaska 

Friday -  Stop by if you are in town and say hello to your favorite bartenders. Steak Night from 1800 to 2000 hours, (Ken Speegle Crew)_  DJ Trichey playing 1930 - 2330

Saturday - Bloody Mary Bar w/ Breezie making up delicious Bloody Mary's. Stop by for College Football. Oct 1 Party hosted by DJ Trichey starting at 2100 - 0100. Event on FACEBOOK

Sunday - Baseball, NASCAR, NFL. Breakfast served from 1000 - 1230 (Ken Speegle Crew). During Football Season. Post opens at 0900 for NFL Football. Bar opens at 1000.

Remember to always be nice to your bartenders. 

Thank Alex Brown for the big screen TV that is up in the post now. 


Lots going on this month.

Friday Steak Night and Sunday Breakfast begin - Looking for Cooks who would like to donate their time to help out on Friday and Sunday's.

The VFW works hand in hand with Sports Clips for HERO scholarships (E5s and Below)  SPORTS CLIPS is located in Wasilla and on Diamond Blvd.

Action Corps sends out weekly emails of what they are working on at National. Sign up to be an Action Corps Member and be in the know.

Voice of Democracy (VOD) and Patriots Pen (PP) Scholarship Programs Themes for 2022

School has started, Get your kids prepped to support these great awards. - Looking for data from students and teachers.

Teacher of the year - Anyone can put in a teacher.

Middle School Participants for PP- Theme (My Pledge to a Veteran) - Essay - Chance to win a $30K scholarship from National.

High School Participants for VOD- Theme (Why Is the Veteran Important?) essay and voice speech of essay. Chance to win a $30K scholarship from National.