1at Week of June

- 6/1/2022

1st Week of June

June - 

Hail and Farewells


98 Fund dinner

Flag Day - looking for volunteers on 18 June.

Poker Run possibly starting at Post 9785 18 June.


Art Keller's Celebration of Life and Car show are on June 25th

Daily Draw - $551 .

 This Week 31 May - 6 Jun 22

There are a lot of sports going on in the post - NHL Playoffs, NBA Championship


Tuesday - The Deck will be open and come by and get some sun off the back deck.

Wednesday - Whiskey Wednesday - 5K startup will be 1 June 2022, Food Truck El Senor Taco and Pikiniki will be here from 1600 - 2000; Stop by and say hello to your favorite bartender. The 5K walk will start 1 June 2022.

Thursday - Thirsty Thursday - Stop by and have an ODD MAN RUSH Blonde, Enforcer, Hazy IPA or Coors light. McKinley Mountain Men having a meeting downstairs.

Friday - Stop by if you are in town and say hello to your favorite bartenders.

Sunday - NASCAR, GOLF, NHL, NBA all being played on  the Televisions.

CHAIRMAN for 2022/23 season

Maintenance Chairman - Kenny Ray has stepped up to be the Maintenance Chairman for the next year. If you see something or something needs repaired please contact Kenny Ray.

Kitchen Chairman - Bob Mardis our janitor and Friday/Sunday cleaner is our Kitchen Chairman. If you want to use the kitchen, or see something in the Kitchen needs looked after please get with Bob. He is at the V on Mon, Wed, Friday Night and Sunday Afternoon.