2nd Week of June

- 6/15/2022

Daily Draw - $1094 .

Gun Raffle - Springfield XDM Elite 10MM - only 100 tickets sold. Ask Skylar and the Bartender for tickets.


This Week 13 June - 20 June

There are a lot of sports going on in the post - NHL Playoffs, NBA Championship

Monday - Start of the Work Week, Stop by and say hello to your favorite Bartender. Texas Holdem starting at 1800 hours in the basement.

Tuesday - Meeting night; 1730 Cooties meeting, 1800 House Committee Meeting, 1900 Joint opening with Auxiliary, 1930ish General Membership Meeting. FLAG Day being remembered on Saturday.

Wednesday - Whiskey Wednesday - 5K Walk, Stop by and say hello to your favorite bartender.  Looking for a Food Truck. With Solstice Festival this weekend they are all prepping.

Thursday - Thirsty Thursday - Stop by and have an ODD MAN RUSH Blonde, Enforcer, Hazy IPA or Coors light. McKinley Mountain Men having a meeting downstairs.

Friday - Stop by if you are in town and say hello to your favorite bartenders

Saturday - Sports all day long. Come by and get some sun on the back deck. Flag Day starting at 1700 

Sunday - NASCAR, GOLF, NHL, NBA all being played on  the Televisions.

Monday - Holiday (JUNETENTH)