- 10/2/2023


Upcoming Events: 

Monday:  MNF with team Speegle putting on smashburgers.  Join us for football and fun

Thursday:  TNF  with Nonkie Be's food truck  from 1600-1900.  Preview the menu for this yummy cajun fare at  View Menu | Cajun Faves (nonkiebes.com)

Friday:  Steak  nite with the Glacier Blues Band providing entertainment.

Saturday:  All day college football

Sunday:   Breakfast with all day NFL  

We have hoodies and t-shirts and hats available for purchase, please ask the bartender if you would like to order one.  Clothing can be personalized with your name if you like, just pay ahead.


Friendly reminder that the bartender's responsibility daily is to all patrons have drinks, if you are playing Rippies please be patient, the bartenders are not ignoring you but have to provide drinks to patrons before rippies are counted out. If you would like to discuss please contact Mel Q, John R, Amy B, Alex B. or Kelly M.


Remember to always be nice to your bartenders and to each other.

Have a great week.